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SubjRe: No Peace Possible
GK> PL> It says "often described as" not "always".
GK> Well, so it is 90% isolationist, and 10% of something else...

I don't know where you get 90% from.

GK> PL> advocates "America First" but not America "alone". As he said, EVERY
GK> PL> country
GK> PL> should be looking after their own interests first.
GK> Yes, I heard that. However, it is not true is several ways.

Your opinion, with no solid base to support it.

GK> So how come he is mad at Mr. Kim and the mullahs from Iran? Having
GK> nuclear weapons is just "My nation first" to them, and it works: it is
GK> scraring the shit out of other people and buys them a safer future.

Little missile boy. Making direct threats to the US, as well as Japan.
Lobbing missiles over the heads of our allies in Japan. Not in the best
interests of the USA to allow this. America first. Eliminate any threats.

Same with Iran. Threatening our allies in Israel and screaming for American
blood. Not in the best interests of the USA to allow this. America first.
Eliminate any threats.

Buying them a safer future. Okay. Dance over fire too long, one is likely to
get burned. Maybe not so safe for them, after all,

GK> PL> nation trade agreements that bind all participating nations to
GK> PL> regulations
GK> PL> that some benefit greatly from and others notsomuch are ridiculous.
GK> If that is the case, the agreements need to be re-negotiated in a way
GK> that all participants are satisfied again.

BINGO!!! That's what he said!!! <<shaking finger at video of Trump as he
says just that>>. You got it!

GK> However, I think the whole conecpt of "nation" becomes more and more
GK> irrelevant these days. Communications, trade, multi-national

REALLY? Hmmmmm... the EU is, in effect, very similar to what our country
used to be as described under "The Articles of Confederation". The EU is a
group of sovereign countries (as our States were) joined together in an
agreement of mutual defense and trade. Exactly what the nation of The United
States was until the civil war! That is what the civil war was REALLY about,
FYI, not slavery. It was an uprising of the sovereign states in the south
against expanded federal control over their rights as independent entities.

Anyway... if the concept of nation is irrelevant, then answer me this: Are
there borders to the EU from those NOT in the EU? If so, they are acting as
a "nation", even if they deny it.

GK> Maybe my view on this is a bit different due to our history: The

Just so you know... I fully understand a fragmented national history. I am
of Ukranian descent, and I am the first one in my family born in the USA. My
family arrived here in 1954. They came from a refugee camp in Austria. I
know quite well our national history, and the horrors of Europe during and
after the war during the Marshall plan.

GK> You may like the EU or not, but it has brought us peace. The
GK> "my-nation-first" attitude is fading ever since. From this point of
GK> view, a "nation" is a rather artificial construction, especially if you
GK> sharing the same language, culture and so on.

From your line of logic, the EU is an ARTIFICIAL "nation" constructed of
individual countries (states) with similar interests. I'm sure the EU looks
out for the interests of the EU before the interests of those outside of
it... so... what's the difference?

GK> The so-called "nation state" is a phase-out model. Its foundations
GK> probably never really existed, and it is not fit to deal with the future
GK> we're all facing.



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