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SubjRe: No Peace Possible

WD> PL> country should be looking after their own interests first. For America
WD> PL> it is America first, for Germany it should be Germany first, for the
WD> PL> French it should be France first.

WD> I don't have the privilege of knowing you personally and most likely you
WD> are a fine person, but ... are you perhaps retarded? Or using
WD> hallucinating drugs or something? Because that I could understand.

Seriously? I can't even see where that is coming from. I'm actually feeling
like the "idiot whisperer" here trying to communicate with you.

WD> rules. A mostly already common currency was developed which eventually
WD> will overshadow the US$ and the Yuan as leading currency. 16 countries
WD> so far have banded together and there are no economic borders anymore

I've been hearing that drivel for years and years now. Even heard the same out
of you over 10 years ago if I remember correctly. Sure sounds like a
looooooooong run to that "eventual" outcome. It is no closer now to
overshadowing the dollar now than it was then.

WD> Trump's speech was just as hollow as his innaugural speech ... when it
WD> was done evrybody looked at eachother and remarked "Nothing, he has said
WD> exactly nothing. Why is he here?" ... I'm certain your local news outlet
WD> edited all that away.

Actually, I watched it LIVE, as it happened. I don't just wait for nightly
briefs from the news... I try to catch everything as it happens. It is
obvious, to me, that it may be you who partakes in the hallucinogenic party
favors and that you may be just as deaf, dumb, and blind as you are high. It
seems to all that actually saw this live that the reception of Trump was
rather warm... I don't know what you saw... maybe briefs from some socialist
news source you use.

WD> So I'm just wondering, how mentally challenged must someone be to
WD> believe the drivel coming from his mouth and voting for him?

Really? Deaf, dumb, blind... you are. High, too!!! But, in all fairness,
from your side of the pond the view is obscured... I see the reality, live
it, and have been benefiting greatly from it. I'll take my mentally
challenged choices all the way to the bank, thank you very much :)

WD> You point me to a trade-agreement that was not reciprocal ...

NAFTA, China<>USA, at the least.

WD> PL> Today, listening to him, "in DETAIL", I very much feel that for the fi
WD> PL> time in many, many, years I have a President I can be proud of.
WD> Oh dear ... yep ... hallucinating ... never underestimate te power of a
WD> group of determined idiots.
WD> Enjoy the week-end,

Glad you think so. I really should learn to stop replying to morons... has
about the same result as watching rocks grow. Good weekend to you, as well.


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