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SubjRe: No Peace Possible

GD> I am sure you watched CNN'S coverage of this event,

No. It's a pay-extra channel here and that gets my middlefinger. I have 22 free
stations, all that we need and more.

I follow VRT, NOS, RTBF, ATV ... their news broadcasts are based on Reuters,
AFP, BBC, ...

And CNN here is not the CNN that you get. Here it is produced in a studio in
London and they sound very British while in the US it is a total different ball
of wax and, watch your blood-pressure now, I agree: total crap. So is FOX btw,
but they have better looking women with longer legs.

GD> Even Klaus Schwab said that Trump had been subject to "misconceptions and
GD> biased interpretations."

Of course, Klaus Schwab had to if he ever wants to see Trump again ...

These are the comments that I picked up ...

"When people are forgotten the world becomes fractured," President Donald Trump
observed to the Davos forum in his breathlessly-awaited speech Friday. That he
himself was the fracturer-in-chief must have entered the minds of more than a
few in the crowded hall.

"It was a speech about what he has done," he said. "I would have liked to hear
more about how he will renew international cooperation. I miss America on the
international scene."

"The speech had a very strong domestic focus," he added. "I would have wished
to hear more about international, multilateral aspects."

So perhaps you only read what you want to read ... unless you want to call the
BBC and Reuters biased ... that would be funny.

Have a good week-end,


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