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SubjRe: No Peace Possible
On 01/26/18, Philip Lozier said the following...

PL> Just like all the "Told you so's" the snowflakes had to endure election
PL> night, 2017! Looked like the snowflakes were melting, there was so much
PL> water on the floors!!! ROTFLMAO!!! Oh... no... those were tears!

The liberals tears sure did flow, screeching decibels of noooooo!
could be heard for miles. People on the knees with the hands to open and
pressed together as if they were under mind control.
Near riots gathered on 5th Avenue in NYC, holding signs Not My President.

Universities had crying rooms established with crayons & coloring books
ample amounts of hot chocolate too. Kinda gives a whole new meaning to
miniature marshmallows.

A few months later, this craziness continued with people suggesting that
statues of Robert E. Lee and others were looking down on upon them, negativity
effecting their day to day lives.
Yea... if you effected emotionally by statues it would be best to check
yourself in to the closest psychological center.

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