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SubjNo Peace Possible

Hello Gregory!

25 Jan 18 22:07, you wrote to Ward Dossche:

GD> On 01/25/18, Ward Dossche said the following...
WD>> I think to measure a presidency one needs to measure over an
WD>> extended time and use other tools than a Fox-poll.

GD> Interesting you would bring up Fox, they have been on the cusp of
GD> unmasking the corruption that is the deep state. Stay Tuned.

It's true, I'm a member of the Secret Society they keep talking about. As are
56.2% of americans at this point.

WD>> That's what she said and it can be interpreted in several ways.
WD>> The subject was 'renewable energy', and although essentially
WD>> correct, it may have cost here the coalmining states.

GD> Several ways of being interpreted?
GD> nonsense... She committed political suicide. Coal is not renewable.
GD> Wind and Solar are renewable but not coal.

The Trump administration is killing programs that help coal miners train for
new jobs. The coal jobs are still going away. They're not coming back, and,
after Trump got the votes, he was like "bah, screw those people".


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