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SubjNo Peace Possible

Hello Gregory!

24 Jan 18 19:41, you wrote to Ward Dossche:

WD>> He lied, she told the truth and coalminers were dumb enough to
WD>> believe Trump. That's where he got the vote ... people who watch
WD>> reality shows on TV all day.

GD> What you stated is not even a clear thought, Hillary Clinton told the
GD> coal miners that they would be out of a job, she should of known the
GD> consequences of saying such things. I would say the miners and their
GD> families made the only choice they could of made. It's called being
GD> backed into a corner.

GD> The only dumbass was Hillary for speaking with ignorance.

So you support lying to get votes? Because those coal miners are losing their
jobs anyway. Lots of unskilled labor jobs are going away. Kimberly-Clark just
announced they're laying off 5500 workers.

I don't know about you, but I was raised to always tell the truth. I have no
respect for, and would never support someone who lies almost every time he
opens his mouth.

Trump isn't even a good liar. He lies and claims things that are easily
debunked on a near-daily basis.


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