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SubjRe: No Peace Possible

PL> It says "often described as" not "always". Note by his speech today he
PL> advocates "America First" but not America "alone". As he said, EVERY
PL> country should be looking after their own interests first. For America
PL> it is America first, for Germany it should be Germany first, for the
PL> French it should be France first.

I don't have the privilege of knowing you personally and most likely you are a
fine person, but ... are you perhaps retarded? Or using hallucinating drugs or
something? Because that I could understand.

In Europe, my dear Fido friend, we have something which is called the European
Union which is based on the principle of common interest. There is no France
first, or Germany first or whatever ... it is the Union with 25 member states.
Policies are being harmonized and every joining country goes through a
laborious process. Dictatorships are on the way out as was discovered by Poland
and Hungary in past months.

The EU was created after WW2 to foster peace between eternal enemies, 25
countries so far benefit, based on common trade using the same set of rules. A
mostly already common currency was developed which eventually will overshadow
the US$ and the Yuan as leading currency. 16 countries so far have banded
together and there are no economic borders anymore between these ... the
Schengen-countries. You pass into another country without even slowing down.

That resulted into 74 years so far with no intra-European wars anymore between
member states. Even the age-old Greek/Turkish border conflicts came to a stop
and the Cypriotic question is being negotiated.

Also 74 years of no isolationist policies, no short-sighted nationalism.

Before making such stupid comments Trump should learn that even the US doesn't
make any separate deals on harmonized matters with any EU country. I cannot
blame you for not understanding that when your 'leader' has got no clue.

The World Economic Forum in Davos is about shaping the economic agenda of
industries, not to promote simplistic national protectionist ideas. Trump's
speech was just as hollow as his innaugural speech ... when it was done
evrybody looked at eachother and remarked "Nothing, he has said exactly
nothing. Why is he here?" ... I'm certain your local news outlet edited all
that away.

And for your information, as a world business leader [which he is] Trump has
never been invited to Davos.

So I'm just wondering, how mentally challenged must someone be to believe the
drivel coming from his mouth and voting for him?

PL> We will deal with various nations on a mostly
PL> individual basis and makle sure OUR deals are fair to all parties
PL> involved.

If you believe that then neither him nor you understand how it works ... from
you I can accept it. But from the most powerful main in the world?

PL> As he said "reciprocal" trade agreements where both parties make out
PL> fairly.

You point me to a trade-agreement that was not reciprocal ...

PL> Today, listening to him, "in DETAIL", I very much feel that for the first
PL> time in many, many, years I have a President I can be proud of.

Oh dear ... yep ... hallucinating ... never underestimate te power of a group
of determined idiots.

Enjoy the week-end,


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