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SubjRe: No Peace Possible
I had to come back and revisit this utter nonsense. As I said earlier, I
don't feel like compiling a list of all the numbers, but following the below
jibberish is a short list.

WD> 6 years later, towards the end of 2016, the Obama administration got it
WD> under control and the pay-off for 8 years of good work came by the
WD> beginning of 2017 ... under Trump. The results that he boasts are
WD> actually the results of the Obama administration, not his.

* Lowest labor participation since the 1970's
* Almost 95 MILLION Americans out of the labor force
* Worst economic recovery since the 1940's
* Almost 13 million more Americans on food stamps
* GDP under 3% (unheard of)
* Over 43 MILLION Americans living in poverty

* Unemployment at a 17 year low
* 1.7 MILLION jobs created (REAL jobs, not part time/temp jobs like Obama)
* African American unemployment at all time low
* Home values up 6%
* GDP consistently growing
* Stock market soaring repeatedly to record highs and growing
* 401k plans skyrocketing

I'm sure Obama's dismal FAILURE was all Bush's fault, though, and Trumps
OVERWHELMING success is because of Obama. Gotta be! Gimmee a break!


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