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SubjRe: No Peace Possible
WD> I think to measure a presidency one needs to measure over an extended
WD> time and use other tools than a Fox-poll.

POLLS! ROTFLMAO!!! We don't need no steenking polls! ROTFLMAO!!!

Let's face it. The polls are full of crap and fixed by whoever takes them,
no matter how "reputable" the source "claims" to be. If we went by the
"polls" on election night, Hillary would have been our president by a
landslide!!! Went EXACTLY opposite of the polls! ROTFLMAO!!!

WD> I'm pretty certain early November 2020 there will be some "told you
WD> so's", but not the ones you have in mind.

Just like all the "Told you so's" the snowflakes had to endure election
night, 2017! Looked like the snowflakes were melting, there was so much
water on the floors!!! ROTFLMAO!!! Oh... no... those were tears!

WD> That's what she said and it can be interpreted in several ways. The

That's the problem... people want to "interpret" to suit their needs. It's
like telling somebody they live in a sh*thole country" and they ask "what did
you mean?" LOL! Ya just gotta tell 'em again... "You live in a sh*thole
country! There's trash and raw crap flowing in your rivers out to the
ocean, people urinate all over the street, disease can be had just by
breathing your air, more, and more, and more, so you live in a sh*thole
country! That's what I meant!" LOL!


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