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SubjRe: No Peace Possible
WD> GD> So what you are suggesting is that with the stock market soaring and
WD> GD> breaking
WD> GD> records and companies are putting Billions into their infrastructure a
WD> GD> handing thousand dollar bonuses is all Obama's doing?
WD> Somebody caused it, claiming skyrocketing growth within a month or so
WD> into the presidency is attributed to Trump, is economic nonsense. It
WD> doesn't work that way.

It doesn't work that way??? Okay... so, that reporter (who was suspended
because of it) couldn't in any way cause the 300 point drop in the market by
making a completely false report that there was going to be direct testimony
that Trump gave orders to contact the Russians before he was elected. Okay.
That didn't happen. That's just nonsense I guess, even though it was
directly attributed to that incident. Okay. I get it. Uh-huh.


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