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SubjRe: No Peace Possible
WD> Any administration builds on the previous administration's achievements.
WD> The administration of Bush "The Lesser" took over a very healthy economy
WD> from Slick Willy's tenure in office and thus had the capital to fund a

There ARE effects at times from previous administrations, As to that
example... I actually liked Slick Willy... A LOT... until ONE thing.
NAFTA. Once NAFTA kicked in it was DEVASTATING to industry in this nation.

As to the war... we should have wiped them out COMPLETELY the first time.
Big mistake NOT to. As to the 200k civilians... Hussein killed WAAAAAAAAY
more than that, of his own people, with chemical weapons. Unfortunate we
caused civilian cassualties, but that's what happens when COWARDS hide among
the civilian population and turn them into military targets. It's called
WAR. These things happen. Tough crap. Maybe the civilians should have
butchered the cowards who hid among them and then came out with their hands
up if they didn't support them. If they DID support them, then... oh, well.

WD> finest sent home ... feet first. I was abhorred traveling in the USA
WD> then taking an airplane where everyone applauded because people in
WD> military uniform were aboard who were "protecting our freedom" ... the

If you're that "abhorred", don't come here. I am very proud of ANY person
who has served in our military, in ANY capacity.

WD> 6 years later, towards the end of 2016, the Obama administration got it
WD> under control and the pay-off for 8 years of good work came by the
WD> beginning of 2017 ... under Trump. The results that he boasts are
WD> actually the results of the Obama administration, not his.

I needed that!!! A good laugh is always fun. I don't feel like compiling a
list of "the numbers" right now, but I know them, and a lot of other people
do as well. When spelled out from DAY 1 of his presidency to the end they
look QUITE different then when viewed only from the lowest point forward.
QUITE different taken in the "overall". Pathetic.


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