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SubjRe: No Peace Possible
On 01/22/18, Gregory Deyss said the following...

GD> On 01/22/18, Mike Miller said the following...
GD> MM> The Twitter feed @TrumpRegrets seems to disagree, tons of people
GD> MM> complaining how they regret voting for him.
GD> I would like to hear these stories how and why people regret voting for
GD> him. Specially how the nation is doing far better off now then ever
GD> before, then with the previous administration. Logically it makes no
GD> sense, who said anything about liberals being logical, they are
GD> attempting to capture some of the sensationalism by having such a name
GD> on twitter. Sensible people like myself look at these people as
GD> snowflakes and drives the narrative that the democratic party is doomed.
GD> I mean why are these people loosing their minds and what do they
GD> consider so completely horrible about the Trump Presidency?

Lets see... Womens unemployment at 17 year lows! Trump is anti-woman!
Didn't you know? He'll never do anything that benefits women!!! LOL! So...
they go march for rights they ALREADY HAVE! LOL!

Let's see... Black unemployment at ALL TIME LOWS! Trump is anti-black!
Didn't you know? He never received awards for all his contributions to the
inner cities revitalization, WAY before he was President. He was never buddy
buddy with all the black iconic figures! He isn't pushing now for education
reform in the inner cities education systems so blacks can be more
competitive in the work world. So... they go march and riot and violate all
types of laws under the guise of "protest", scream for rights they
ALREADY HAVE, destroy their own neighborhoods and blame Trump for racial

Let's see... tax reforms for his "rich friends" and only crumbs for the
middle class! LOL! How many of them middle class workers with 401k's are
grinning... FROM EAR TO EAR... looking at their 401k statements after an
almost 50% increase in the stock market? LOL! How many Wal-Mart employees
(the LARGEST employer in the USA) are grinning from ear to ear since Wally
World gave ALL employees a raise, and raised ALL starting salaries, and
stated it was a direct result of Trumps tax cuts? How many employees of many
corporations who have gave their employees bonuses as high as $3000 and
stated it is a direct reaction to Trumps tax cuts are feeling like their
getting "crumbs"? How about the HUNDREDS OF *BILLIONS* of dollars Apple has
said they will re-invest in the USA as a direct reaction to Trumps tax cuts?
There's more and more too. It isn't because of Trump!!! It is all because
of things Obama did that didn't take effect until after he left office!!!
Didn't you know??? <<choke, gag, ROTFLMAO!!!>>

You are absolutely right, Greg! These libTARD snowflakes haven't got a CLUE!
They are delusional and live in a fantasy world. The extent of their
delusions and fantasies could EASILY help declare liberalism a true mental

As I sit here, listening to the TV, they are airing reports from many
"mainstream" media sources... are they talking about all the GREAT things
that are happening. NO! They're talking about Trump supposedly trying to
fire Mueller in June, which he denies, and talking about it as proof that he
had to be colluding with Russia or he wouldn't have tried to fire him. LOL!
It is within his scope of power to fire Mueller at ANY time he chooses, for
whatever reason he chooses, and he DIDN'T. Friggin delusional libTARDS for


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