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SubjRe: No Peace Possible
Hello Gerrit,

GK> America First refers to a foreign policy in the United States that
GK> emphasizes American nationalism in international relations and that is
GK> often described as isolationist. It first gained prominenence.

GK> Just to remind you: This is exactly the isolationist type of thing that
GK> you did not want to have according to what you wrote before. And this is
GK> exactly what you're going to become in the long run: isolated.

It says "often described as" not "always". Note by his speech today he
advocates "America First" but not America "alone". As he said, EVERY country
should be looking after their own interests first. For America it is America
first, for Germany it should be Germany first, for the French it should be
France first. It is only common sense. Every leader, of every nation,
should be looking to make deals that are FAIR and are benificial to the
peoples of their OWN nations, respectively. Common sense. These huge multi
nation trade agreements that bind all participating nations to regulations
that some benefit greatly from and others notsomuch are ridiculous.

From what I saw live this morning, it looks quite the opposite to America
being "alone" or "isolated". We will deal with various nations on a mostly
individual basis and makle sure OUR deals are fair to all parties involved.
As he said "reciprocal" trade agreements where both parties make out fairly.

Today, listening to him, "in DETAIL", I very much feel that for the first
time in many, many, years I have a President I can be proud of.


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