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Hello Everybody,

Somebody had the audacity to write something in a sysop echo -

-=begin quote=-

FB>Can anyone tell me the differences between these echo areas:

FB> - fido sysop
FB> - fn sysop

these two are ""competing"" echos... they are for fidonet sysops
only... they are ""competing"" because some time long ago, someone
didn't like the way the moderator(s) were acting in one of them so
they started their own so that folks could choose which one they
wanted to participate in and vote with their feet...

FB> - sysop

this is a general sysop only area... all sysops from any networks
are welcome...

FB>I looked into the rules but I can't find any hint about the
FB>differences for the topics. :)

there really isn't much topicality enforcement any more these
days... folks talk about anything they want where ever they happen
to be...


-=end quote=-

We are all sysops here in FidoLand. Both sysops and probationary
sysops alike. As such, all are welcome everywhere. To read and to
post, wherever we damn please.

FidoNet is, and always has been, a free association of sysops and
probationary sysops. Any individual who claims otherwise is both a
liar and a fool.

I have full access to all three "sysop only" echos mentioned above.
That means the ability to both read and to post messages, in each of
those echos.

I do not need permission from Mark Lewis to do so. I do not need
permission from any other sysop to do so, either. And I sure as hell
do not have to pay homage to any policy document or beauty queen.

Mark Lewis wants to play a game of pretend. Let's all pretend
that FidoNet is not a land of make believe, but rather a game of
thrones, protected from giants only by a very high wall of ice ...


Often Licked, Never Beaten

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