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SubjRe: No Peace Possible
On 01/24/18, Ward Dossche said the following...

WD> GD>WD> Any administration builds on the previous administration's
WD> GD> achievements.
WD> GD> You're forgetting Obama spent more money than any U.S. President befor
WD> GD> him combined.
WD> I think you have to tread lightly here ... whole administrations, not
WD> just the President because the US perception that a single person can be
WD> responsible for all the good and the bad is infinitely flawed, take
WD> decisions and implement policies with far reaching effect. Some of the
WD> tax cuts by Bush "The Lesser" will continue to have a negative influence
WD> through 2032. Every administration does that. And indeed, a lot of those
WD> bills in the Obama asministration were generated by a previous
WD> administration. It's been only a few years since you guys paid-off
WD> LBJ-accounts and that is how long ago?
WD> As a side-step, did you know for example that the UK only a few years ago
WD> paid-off its war-debt from ... WW1 ? Just to show how long such a
WD> thing can work.
WD> GD> So what you are suggesting is that with the stock market soaring and
WD> GD> breaking
WD> GD> records and companies are putting Billions into their infrastructure a
WD> GD> handing thousand dollar bonuses is all Obama's doing?
WD> Somebody caused it, claiming skyrocketing growth within a month or so
WD> into the presidency is attributed to Trump, is economic nonsense. It
WD> doesn't work that way.

Month? Trump has been in office for over a year now and yes these things do
take time. Lets just imagine for a moment that Trump did not have the
success that has been documented what then? It would be a liberal quagmire
and a whole lot of I told ya so. Instead, it is us telling the liberals
Told ya so. lol

WD> GD> You're right Trump did gain votes from this region, because it was
WD> GD> Hillary Clinton that promised that they would be out of a job.
WD> He lied, she told the truth and coalminers were dumb enough to believe
WD> Trump. That's where he got the vote ... people who watch reality shows
WD> on TV all day.

What you stated is not even a clear thought, Hillary Clinton told the coal
miners that they would be out of a job, she should of known the consequences
of saying such things. I would say the miners and their families made the
only choice they could of made. It's called being backed into a corner.

The only dumbass was Hillary for speaking with ignorance.

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