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SubjRe: No Peace Possible

GD>WD> Any administration builds on the previous administration's
GD> achievements.

GD> You're forgetting Obama spent more money than any U.S. President before
GD> him combined.

I think you have to tread lightly here ... whole administrations, not just the
President because the US perception that a single person can be responsible for
all the good and the bad is infinitely flawed, take decisions and implement
policies with far reaching effect. Some of the tax cuts by Bush "The Lesser"
will continue to have a negative influence through 2032. Every administration
does that. And indeed, a lot of those bills in the Obama asministration were
generated by a previous administration. It's been only a few years since you
guys paid-off LBJ-accounts and that is how long ago?

As a side-step, did you know for example that the UK only a few years ago
paid-off its war-debt from ... WW1 ? Just to show how long such a thing can

GD> So what you are suggesting is that with the stock market soaring and
GD> breaking
GD> records and companies are putting Billions into their infrastructure and
GD> handing thousand dollar bonuses is all Obama's doing?

Somebody caused it, claiming skyrocketing growth within a month or so into the
presidency is attributed to Trump, is economic nonsense. It doesn't work that

GD> You're right Trump did gain votes from this region, because it was
GD> Hillary Clinton that promised that they would be out of a job.

He lied, she told the truth and coalminers were dumb enough to believe Trump.
That's where he got the vote ... people who watch reality shows on TV all day.

GD> I remember seeing and hearing this meeting as the TV cameras were there
GD> to capture that moment.

Coal mining jobs need to be shifted into photo-voltaic energy jobs, that would
be something.

Enjoy the day Greg.


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