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SubjRe: No Peace Possible
On 01/23/18, Ward Dossche said the following...

WD> Any administration builds on the previous administration's achievements.

You're forgetting Obama spent more money than any U.S. President before him

WD> The administration of Bush "The Lesser" took over a very healthy economy
WD> from Slick Willy's tenure in office and thus had the capital to fund a
WD> useless war which saw 200,000 Iraqi civilians killed, the whole
WD> Middle-East destabilized (possibly in perpetuity) and 5,000 of America's
WD> finest sent home ... feet first.

One of the good things that does stand out in my memory is that Bill Clinton
did balance the budget under his presidency.

WD> That's what faced Obama when he entered the White House. It wasn't
WD> something fixable in 1 day and his first 2 years were not good as a
WD> result, while in the meantime the Republicans were blaming him for the
WD> trouble that was caused by Bush "The Lesser".

So what you are suggesting is that with the stock market soaring and breaking
records and companies are putting Billions into their infrastructure and
handing thousand dollar bonuses is all Obama's doing? Why would I believe that
when the GDP never rose above 3% I don't believe the fairy tale that your
spinning. Why would I, when here was a man who never praised small business
for their own accomplishments, he took the glory for himself when he said
that they did not do that the Government did. - This kind of talk is not
easily forgotten.

WD> Let's talk about job growth in the coal-mining industry, because that's
WD> where Trump got votes for in West-Virginia and other states ...

You're right Trump did gain votes from this region, because it was Hillary
Clinton that promised that they would be out of a job.
I remember seeing and hearing this meeting as the TV cameras were there to
capture that moment.

WD> Of course, if you attach more importance to a presidential tweet ...
WD> hey, I won't stop you. Just follow all the other lemmings and do as
WD> lemmings do.

What I post in here is not from a tweet from The Donald, I merely clarifying
facts from fiction.

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