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Hello Gregory!

22 Jan 18 19:59, you wrote to me:

GD> On 01/22/18, Mike Miller said the following...

MM>> The Twitter feed @TrumpRegrets seems to disagree, tons of people
MM>> complaining how they regret voting for him.

GD> I would like to hear these stories how and why people regret voting
GD> for him. Specially how the nation is doing far better off now then
GD> ever before, then with the previous administration. Logically it makes
GD> no since, who said anything about liberals being logical, they are
GD> attempting to capture some of the sensationalism by having such a name
GD> on twitter. Sensible people like myself look at these people as
GD> snowflakes and drives the narrative that the democratic party is
GD> doomed.

GD> I mean why are these people loosing their minds and what do they
GD> consider so completely horrible about the Trump Presidency?

A lot of them are sick of his blatant lies. The "biggest electoral college win
since Regan" the "biggest inaugural crowd ever" the "I won't have time to golf"
the "millions of illegal votes were cast in the 2016 election" the "Trump tower
was wiretapped by Obama" "the murder rate in our country is the highest it's
been in 47 years" the "I signed more bills than any president in his first year
ever" the "CNN's Ratings are way down!", and any of the other 993 lies he's
told since he took office.

60% of Americans believe Trump is not honest, as compared to 53% when he took
office according to a Quinnipiac poll. His disapproval rating has gone up, his
approval rating has gone down, using the same polls that Republicans would use
to try and point out how terrible Obama was.

MM>> If only the GOP stopped voting against Veterans care bills, maybe
MM>> our Veterans would be in a much better position than they are
MM>> today.

GD> The Obama administration had a disastrous clueless moron in there,
GD> this led to things becoming so bad it made national headlines. Trump
GD> did resolve this, I believe it was very early in his presidency.

No, he didn't. And it was a disaster when Obama took office, and still a
disaster when Trump took office due to GOP obstructionism. I have friends who
are veterans that can't get the help/care they need in a timely fashion. I have
family that are veterans (My uncle served in the Navy for 45 years between
active service and reserves, and was in the Army before that.) that can't get
timely responses from the VA on their promised benefits.
under the Obama presidency the GOP voted against Veterans bills at least a half
dozen times, simply because they were things the Democrats, and by extension,
Obama, wanted.


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