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SubjRe: No Peace Possible

GD> Specially how the nation is doing far better off now then ever before,
GD> then with the previous administration.

Your perception of how a behemoth government machine like the one of the USA
functions is slightly distorted. It's not because a president decides something
or announces something today, that tomorrow it is in operation and the day
after tomorrow you can measure it.

Any administration builds on the previous administration's achievements.

The administration of Bush "The Lesser" took over a very healthy economy from
Slick Willy's tenure in office and thus had the capital to fund a useless war
which saw 200,000 Iraqi civilians killed, the whole Middle-East destabilized
(possibly in perpetuity) and 5,000 of America's finest sent home ... feet
first. I was abhorred traveling in the USA then taking an airplane where
everyone applauded because people in military uniform were aboard who were
"protecting our freedom" ... the amount of brainwashing of the totality of the
American people to actually go for the Iraqi grand-lie to the outsider was
enormous. Unbelievable even.

Bush "The Lesser" ended his tenure with a massive colapsing deficit that will
have its negative effects far into the coming decades simply because the
Middle-East expenditures were more expensive than the country named USA could

That's what faced Obama when he entered the White House. It wasn't something
fixable in 1 day and his first 2 years were not good as a result, while in the
meantime the Republicans were blaming him for the trouble that was caused by
Bush "The Lesser".

6 years later, towards the end of 2016, the Obama administration got it under
control and the pay-off for 8 years of good work came by the beginning of 2017
... under Trump. The results that he boasts are actually the results of the
Obama administration, not his.

Let's talk about job growth in the coal-mining industry, because that's where
Trump got votes for in West-Virginia and other states ... there aren't any new
jobs after a year and it also ain't gonna happen. Jobs are being lost by the
thousand, all the major companies are either bankrupt or have filed for
chapter-11. Exports to Europe are crashing as coal-fired power-plants are
phased-out, Exports to China are crashing for the same reason and because they
are providing their own. Coal production is down by 40%, The last decade 20,000
jobs were lost and counting due to automated mining ... face it manual labor
for coalmining is not returning.

The jobs in the automotive industry which Trump declared had been saved the
first month of his tenure, were relocated to Mexico anyway when the dust had

Of course, if you attach more importance to a presidential tweet ... hey, I
won't stop you. Just follow all the other lemmings and do as lemmings do.


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