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SubjRe: No Peace Possible
On 01/22/18, Mike Miller said the following...

MM> The Twitter feed @TrumpRegrets seems to disagree, tons of people
MM> complaining how they regret voting for him.

I would like to hear these stories how and why people regret voting for him.
Specially how the nation is doing far better off now then ever before, then
with the previous administration. Logically it makes no since, who said
anything about liberals being logical, they are attempting to capture some of
the sensationalism by having such a name on twitter. Sensible people like
myself look at these people as snowflakes and drives the narrative that the
democratic party is doomed.

I mean why are these people loosing their minds and what do they consider so
completely horrible about the Trump Presidency?

MM> If only the GOP stopped voting against Veterans care bills, maybe our
MM> Veterans would be in a much better position than they are today.

The Obama administration had a disastrous clueless moron in there, this led to
things becoming so bad it made national headlines.
Trump did resolve this, I believe it was very early in his presidency.

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