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GK> The same percentage comes around for UN funding in 2016 (see
GK> The largest single payer, for sure. OTOH, also one of the largest
GK> countries in terms of size, population, economy and so on. So not that
GK> much of a wonder that the budget share is larger than others.

Added to that is that the USA insists on being the host-country for the UN HQ.

During the administration of Bush Minor ('The Shrub') the US threatened to
drastically reduce UN-funding where-upon a resolution was tabled to move the HQ
to Paris France. The US quickly withdrew its funding threat.

I would like nevertheless to add that the US is right in this sense that the UN
is too expensive and overspends. 2 examples.

1) I have worked for a while for the UN to co-prepare the 2002 summit of heads
of state in Johannesburg SA. A high-level meeting in Vail CO was cut short for
technical reasons by several days ... so I got an envelope with cash .. several
thousands of US$ in $100 bills. Explanation ... "If we don't spend that money,
our budget will be reduced next year. Sign here please".

2) A brother in law went on several military missions to the Balkan as a
peace-keeping force officer. In 3 or 4 years he earned his house.


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