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Hello Philip!

22 Jan 18 12:37, Philip Lozier wrote to Gerrit Kuehn:

PL> I'm thinking.... " Hit us hard in the long run? NOTSOMUCH." As to
PL> the international effects... well... maybe he's doing the world a favor.

Maybe. But he's not doing the USA a favour. As I said, we'll see about that in
a couple of years.

PL> disastrous for them to think we are going to carry the majority of
PL> the burden
PL> for costs for things carried out through the UN or NATO.

Sorry? In 2017, USA paid something like 22% of NATO budget (see under "Direct Funding").
The same percentage comes around for UN funding in 2016 (see
The largest single payer, for sure. OTOH, also one of the largest countries in
terms of size, population, economy and so on. So not that much of a wonder that
the budget share is larger than others.
But "majority"? What kind of "majority" is 22% supposed to be?

PL> Time for America first, for sure.


America First refers to a foreign policy in the United States that emphasizes
American nationalism in international relations and that is often described as
isolationist. It first gained prominence in the interwar period and was
advocated by the America First Committee, a non-interventionist pressure group
against the American entry into World War II.[1] Since 2016, an
identically-named foreign policy that emphasizes similar objectives has been
pursued by the administration of U.S. President Donald Trump.

Just to remind you: This is exactly the isolationist type of thing that you did
not want to have according to what you wrote before. And this is exactly what
you're going to become in the long run: isolated.


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