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SubjRe: No Peace Possible
Hello Gregory!

13 Jan 18 07:08, Gregory Deyss wrote to Gerrit Kuehn:

GK>> What did I miss here? Are you afraid of Diesel exhausts?

GD> No of course not, a few messages ago I was discussing the islamic
GD> problem in places like Sweden, I was told that the reports of civil unrest

GD> are untrue, and apparently those same reports are to be considered false
GD> in Germany as well.

"civil unrest"? In my experience words like these are quite hard to translate
because they come with lots of implicit connotations. Can you describe what
"civil unrest" would mean for you, or what you have read/heard that supposedly
happened here? The only thing that comes to my mind are maybe reports from the
G20 meeting that took place in Hamburg last summer?
From my understanding, we did not see anything here that would qualify as
"civil unrest" for decades.

GD> I was mentioning that I would like to visit Germany someday,
GD> but I really would want to learn the language and to be fluent first. My
GD> family arrived in America around 1800's from Hamburg, Germany.

I'd say being fluent in German first is a high aim (but of course I don't want
to keep you from learning ;-). In most places in Germany you should get around
well speaking English. English as a subject in school is taught throughout the
country to every pupil from at least 5th grade on since 1964 or earlier
(talking about former West Germany here, East Germany joined this around 1990
after reunification). Usually, they start with English in grade 3 these days.


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