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SubjRe: No Peace Possible
On 01/13/18, Ward Dossche said the following...

WD> Most Germans know some measure of english, especially the younger
WD> generation.

That's good, it's just that I would never assume people of a different
country to go out of their way to cater to me for communication, specially if
I did not put in the effort to try to understand.
Here in America it's quite the reverse push 1 for spanish and 2 for english.
It would appear that the effort was never made to learn english.
It's obvious, that I find that annoying and don't agree with how things
are. I just find it rude.

WD> As it is fake, it can't even be news. So fake news is a non issue as
WD> news never is fake. Now if you want to call it a lie ... that would be
WD> nearer to the truth.

Good News

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