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SubjRe: No Peace Possible

On 01/12/18, Ward Dossche said the following...

WD> GD>WD> You should invest some money and travel a bit, for example to
WD> GD> Sweden.
WD> GD> I am sure that Sweden is beautiful, but my first choice would be Germa
WD> GD> the
WD> GD> land of my heritage, but with the problems they are apparently having
WD> GD> could find my self in far trouble.
WD> Problems?
WD> I was there last week and I pass there quite often. I don't see what
WD> you're talking about.

well very good, I'm glad you enjoyed yourself.
I really would like to go someday, but I really would like to speak German
fluently first.

WD> It's prime vacation country ...

I am sure it is.

WD> I'm certain the R24 members would be interested in discovering what kind
WD> of trouble they're in.

I don't know maybe the reports of civil unrest my muslim immigrants is also
fake news as it is in Sweden.

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