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SubjRe: No Peace Possible
> On 01/11/18, Bj˙rn Felten said the following...
> BF> GD> so the reports on the internet are all lies?
> BF>
> BF> If you trust internet you sure are in the dark.
> BF>
> BF> GD> Sweden is the rape capital of the Western world.
> BF> That about says it all. So much for accuracy.
> BF> Sweden is a country. It's capital is Stockholm.
> Yes I was aware of Sweden's capital is Stockholm. So what your stating
is don't
> believe everything that I read on the internet.
> So in short would you say that it is Fake News.
> We have that problem here too, it's called CNN for the most part.

Also MSNBC, CBS, ABC and Fox News.
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