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SubjOn this day in 2004 ...
> Re: On this day in 2004 ...
> By: David Drummond to Lee Lofaso on Fri Dec 29 2017 06:51 am
> WD>>> Maybe Carol Shenkenberger will add some words ...
> LL>> Surviving a tsunami while on a ship at sea would be quite a tale ...
> DD> I think tsunamis are more of a shallow water/shore based phenomenon. A
> DD> ship at sea may not even notice one's passing.
> The discussion was on a sysop at land, not at sea.
> I also think some may be confusing Tsunami with Typhoon? Typhoons are
> basically Pacific hurricanes.

Not basically, they ARE hurricanes that occur in the (western) Pacific.
They were called typhoons in the eastern Pacific, too, but the US media
reporters aren't smart enough to use the right word
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