FromNick Andre1:229/426.0Date Write2019-02-22 22:36:10
ToLee Lofaso0:0/0.0Date Arrived2019-02-23 06:58:21
SubjRe: FidoNet Policy
On 23 Feb 19 02:34:00, Lee Lofaso said the following to Nick Andre:

LL> NA> Shit or get off the pot, my lightweight-amateur-trolling friend.
LL> Time to turn pro? Like Manny Pacquao? Just think of the terror
LL> I could cause in the Fidoverse ...

I'm trying to understand why someone such as yourself who loves Fido and likes
to post many messages and criticise Zone 1 and what I'm doing (when you
really do not know jack-shit about me) why such person at least have a node
number when ranting endlessly about policy and *C's and whatever.

Do you have Nodelist Derangement Syndrome?

NDS is a real medical condition, but can be treated by a dose of a properly
configured mailer and application to your NC. Plus, being listed means you can
actually *participate* in elections and policy matters, and access all the
wonderful top-secret echoes where there is a TON of traffic and discussion.

C'mon... put your big boy panties on and go pro.


--- Renegade vY2Ka2
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