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ToLee Lofaso0:0/0.0Date Arrived2019-02-23 06:04:12
SubjNew Z1C Needed

On 2019 Feb 23 02:33:48, you wrote to me:

LL>>> What lies?

ml>> the blatant lie above where you state "mark lewis would *love* to fill
ml>> in for you"...

LL> I never said elected.

i haven't said you did...

LL> Or able to do so. And remember, it was all rumor, as I did not have
LL> access to the echo.

hunh... yet the next line in your post, quoted below, says "i read the same
messages as you did" so which is it? you read a restricted access echo or you
did not...

LL>>> I read the same posts as you did.

ml>> apparently you missed some...

LL> Of course I did. Not having access to the echo can do that.

yet you state "i read the same messages as you did"...

LL>>> Three candidates were being considered, one of them being yours
LL>>> truly.

ml>> you were running?

LL> I have no idea. Somebody might have nominated me without my
LL> knowledege or consent. Not that it bothers me. In fact, I would
LL> be honored if such was the case.

you most certainly would have had an idea if you were running...

ml>> i sure wasn't and actively turned down any requests and/or
ml>> nominations...

LL> Well, first you have to be nominated in order to turn it down ...

read that statement again... keywords "requests and/or nominations"...

LL>>> I was not privy to the nominating process, and am totally unawares
LL>>> as to who nominated who, and why.

ml>> then, once again, you have no clue what you are talking about...

LL> Why should I have a clue? I wasn't there!

then quit sticking your nose into things you don't know anything about...

LL>>> Nominations need not be seconded.

ml>> no one said anything about being seconded... you're trying to throw
ml>> that in to confuse things, now...

LL> Apparently you know very little about parliamentary procedure
LL> or how things work.

fidonet is not a parliment and you still don't know what you are talking


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