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SubjFidoNet Policy
Hello Nick,

NA>>> Again - Go get yourself a node number and do something about it.

LL>> Does that mean I have your endorsement?

NA> You have my endorsement to go get yourself a node number just like
NA> else in the whole network.

Participation in echomail is not limited to sysops, as this in an
area where everybody can play as equals.

NA> No more crap about Fido policy when you're not even in the list.

Censorship is not part of my game. Never has been. Never will be.
Several sysops have also stated the same. Including many in Zone 1.

NA> No more trolling Mark or others or whining about the Z1C when you didn't
NA> even vote because (*********GASP*********) YOU ARE NOT LISTED.

Without trolls like me, and others, this network would not be nearly
as popular as it is now. As such, all trolls should be invited to
join Fidonet. Just think of how much more fun we could all have if
a thousand new sysops were part of the gang. That is more then the
total number of sysops currently residing in Zone 1.

Just think of what that would mean. Trolls rule the Fidoverse!

NA> No more hiding behind a BBS or NNTP. Get yourself a mailer and get real.

Are you sure that is what you want? Remember, real trolls do not
explode in sunlight.

NA> Quit making excuses.

What excuses? I have given fair warning (about real trolls not
exploding in sunlight).

NA> Its Fidonet, not BBS-Net or Jam-Net or whatever-excuse-I
NA> can-make-to-not-be-listed-Net.

I'm warning you, real trolls are also waterproof.

NA> Shit or get off the pot, my lightweight-amateur-trolling friend.

Time to turn pro? Like Manny Pacquao? Just think of the terror
I could cause in the Fidoverse ...


Get Her Wet Here

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