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Hello mark,


LL>> But can be turned down.

ml> of course they can...

But only after one has been nominated.

LL>> At least that is my understanding of basic parliamentary procedure.

ml> fidonet is not a parliment, congress, democracy or any other simulation of
ml> the world outside of fidonet...

Zone 1 has no rules. P4 is not legally binding on anyone
because it does not have the signatures of each party. All
documents, not only legally binding contracts, demand for
an individual's signature. Those who wrote P4 never signed
the document. Also, P4 was never presented to each zone
so as to have a vote. IOW, your signature is required to
seal the deal.

Since nobody signed on to P4, it is null and void.
Not binding on sysops, or individuals. In any zone.

So what do you have in Fidonet? Nothing anybody would call
a form of government. Controlled anarchy, maybe. Chaos would
be the better word.

LL>> However, since Zone 1 does not have a general policy concerning
LL>> election of officers, anything goes.

ml> you need to work on your reading comprehension...

Chaos rules!


Erections, That's Our Game

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