FromNick Andre1:229/426.0Date Write2019-02-22 00:15:26
ToLee Lofaso0:0/0.0Date Arrived2019-02-22 08:42:07
SubjRe: FidoNet Policy
On 22 Feb 19 00:58:47, Lee Lofaso said the following to Nick Andre:

LL> NA> Again - Go get yourself a node number and do something about it.
LL> Does that mean I have your endorsement?

You have my endorsement to go get yourself a node number just like everyone
else in the whole network. No more crap about Fido policy when you're not even
in the list. No more trolling Mark or others or whining about the Z1C when you
didn't even vote because (*********GASP*********) YOU ARE NOT LISTED.

No more hiding behind a BBS or NNTP. Get yourself a mailer and get real.

Quit making excuses. Its Fidonet, not BBS-Net or Jam-Net or whatever-excuse-I

Shit or get off the pot, my lightweight-amateur-trolling friend.


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