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SubjRe: Open Letter to Z1C

NA> MSGID: 1:229/426 47A61EBC
NA> On 19 Feb 19 17:39:40, Lee Lofaso said the following to All:


NA> An interesting amusing open letter, thanks for the laugh, but I'm
NA> interested and fascinated as to why you continue to not have a node
NA> number.

NA> There is no more Janis supposedly preventing you from being listed, and
NA> no "probationary period" you would need to follow. You sure seem to
NA> love to post on Fido a lot, so why not get a listing and be real?

NA> I already voiced my support for you being listed, just as I did for Tim
NA> Richardson and others over the years who had misconceptions that "Fido
NA> doesn't like them being listed".

NA> Think of the fun you could have, stirring up calls for another ZC1
NA> election and getting access to all the "secret echoes", some of
NA> which are so secret, not even *I* am aware that they exist. At the
NA> very least, I hope to entertain a Policy complaint one day.

NA> What better way to troll yours truly?

NA> FYI I never get "burnt out" from Fido, its always a learning lesson
NA> dealing with professional trolls, nodelist police and others who
NA> seem to think I'm a diety or messiah with magical wizardly powers.

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