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SubjNew Z1C Needed
Hi! Dan,

On 21 Feb 19 19:19, you wrote to Carol Shenkenberger:

LL>> Thanks for admitting Zone 1 has no policy in regards to echomail.
CS>> ECHOPOL did not pass here and you know it. What are you
CS>> blathering about?

DC> That's what he does. That's *ALL* he does. Blather.
DC> I'm not sure whether he's truly delusional/whacko, or just a
DC> common troll.

DC> Either way, I don't respond to his crap any more.

Lurking behind curtain #3 is the AI 'bot alternative. There are some who
consider that 'he' is an outlet for Uncle Google's "Deep Mind" AI. A
tantalising thought, eh? ;)


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