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SubjNew Z1C Needed
Hello mark,

LL>>>> I hear little case mark lewis would *love* to fill in for you until
LL>>>> a new election is called.

ml>>> you're full of shit and i'll thank you to leave my name out of
ml>>> anything you write...

LL>> It was a rumor. Not one I started. So please. Don't blame me.

ml> i'm not... i'm blaming you for spreading blatant lies...

What lies? I read the same posts as you did. Three candidates
were being considered, one of them being yours truly. I was not
privy to the nominating process, and am totally unawares as to
who nominated who, and why.

ml>>> if i had wanted the Z1C job, i would have tossed my name into the
ml>>> hat... instead i actively turned down all inquiries about me possibly
ml>>> running... i don't want that position and never have wanted it,
ml>>> period...

LL>> Nobody said anything about you being elected. Certainly not me.
LL>> However, somebody could have volunteered you for the job ...

ml> re-read my statament... i was actively turning down all inquiries and
ml> of nomination... if someone had nominated me without asking me first, i
ml> would have turned down that nomination, too... possibly quite
ml> vociferously...

Nominations need not be seconded. But can be turned down. At
least that is my understanding of basic parliamentary procedure.
However, since Zone 1 does not have a general policy concerning
election of officers, anything goes.


As Good As It Looks

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