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Hello Everybody,

A policy document must be passed and ratified by a zone
in order to become part of Fidonet general policy. That
has always been the understanding from day one.

However, what happens if a policy document has not been
passed and ratified? It remains nothing more than a curiosity,
at best.

Policy 4 (P4) has been around since 1989. It is claimed by
some that this policy document has been passed and ratified
by sysops throughout the world, in every zone. However, the
truth turns out to be something far different.

The U.S. Constitution was written, then passed and ratified
by each individual state, not collectively by all 13 states
at the same time. The outcome was very much in doubt, as
each state held their own vote, at different times. It was
also an all-or-nothing affair, as the entire thing would
have fallen apart had even one state (such as New York) failed
to pass and ratify the document.

Echopol1 (EP1) was rejected by Zone 1. But it was passed
and ratified by Zone 2. That is why EP1 is in force only
outside Zone 1.

Policy 4 (P4) was rejected by Zone 2 (the vote was unanimous).
Not a single sysop in Zone 2 voted in favor. That is why
P4 is not recognized as part of Fidonet general policy in
Zone 2.

Since no vote in Zone 1 has been taken to pass and ratify
P4, this policy document remains just a curiosity, at best.
Even in Zone 1.

The claim that a vote by all sysops throughout the world
was taken to pass and ratify P4 does not make that vote
valid or binding on anyone, or in any zone.

It would be like delegates from around the world would
be invited to vote for passage and ratification of the
US Constitution. What a silly concept!

Since P4 is not valid on anyone, in any zone, then what
is policy for Zone 1?

Nobody seems to know.

Not even the current sysop who calls himself the Z1C.


Our Nuts, Your Mouth

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