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SubjHow about Canada then?
Hello Björn,

LL>> The Québécois found out Justin Trudeau speaks French.

BF> Just out of curiosity, how much in common has the Canadian Bungi Creole
BF> the Kourí-Viní in Louisiana?

There are three versions of Cajun French spoken in Louisiana.
One version is spoken in southeast Louisiana, in the New Orleans
area. This version is closer to Parisian French than the other
two versions. Another version is spoken between southwest and
southeast Louisiana, mainly by blacks. And then there is a
third version spoken in southwest Louisiana, along Bayou Teche,
around Lafayette. This is the version known as Kouri-Vini.

The French spoken in Canada, mainly in Quebec and Nova Scotia,
is spoken much faster than the French spoken in Louisiana. But
we all understand each other just fine. Even though not all
words are the same. Much easier for Cajuns to converse with
folks from France rather than Canada since the two languages
are actually closer, and spoken at about the same rate of speed.

Here is an example of Kouri-Vini -


Albert Guerin, who visited here recently writes the following in his
beloved Cajun:

‘Jim, comment toe tay connais moe tay a St. Martin? Mo tay si content
lire toe lette. Oui, moe rapelle les beau temps nous autre tay gain
a l’ecole. Cest domage moe pas woie toi, peut-etre ain autre fois ma
gain l’occasion woir toi.

Ca ta pay fais labas dans ti village la? Ecri moi quelque fois. Mo
sera content entendre de toe nouvelles. Mo passay quelque jours ici
a St. Martin. Ca rapelle moi des bon souvenirs comme nous tay petit.
Aurevoir Jim mo pay partie demain. Good luck and best wishes. Ton
ami, Albert Guerin’

St. Martin Weekly Messenger
Friday, August 10, 1945
Volume 60
Number 22
Page 4 Column 2



Your Hole Is Our Goal

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