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SubjHow about Canada then?
Hello Bj”rn,

LL>> Canadiens, please. Never Canadians. Do not want to insult my
LL>> friends in the Frozen Nawth.

BF> Depends of course. One is English, what you propose is French (as can be
BF> expected by a Cajun) with something around 21% having French as their
BF> mother tongue.

The Quebe‡ois are very proud of their culture, and heritage.
Like Cajuns, they define their culture by their language.
When in Montreal, do order in French. Or try to. Last time
I was there it got me my meal for free.

OTOH, Swedish might also work. As long as you compliment the chef.
And also the waiter/waitress.

BF> That's another thing that I admire about Canada, it's so welcoming to
BF> immigrants. And of course, that's one of the "secrets" about it's success
BF> story. If only Sweden could take notice. USA is of course a lost cause
BF> the Orange One, and his hatred for anyone non_US, in charge...

I don't get what this POTUS is trying to do. He has banned
immigrants from serving in our armed forces. That is something
no previous POTUS has ever done. Even during WWII the POTUS
welcomed German immigrants to serve in our armed forces. Some
of those Germans having been imprisoned in Germany.

Such "criminals" would never be allowed to serve in our armed
forces today. Not by this POTUS.

During the Vietnam War, many Mexican immigrants served in our
armed forces. The POTUS did not turn them away, or have them
deported. He welcomed them, and honored them. Especially
those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for what was their adopted

The Orange One has made them all "criminals" - regardless of
where they are from. Why the hatred for humanity is something
only he can answer. Not only hatred for humanity, but also
for dogs. He is the first president in well over 120 years who
does not have a dog in the White House.

At least he cannot deport man's best friend.


Pork. The One You Love.

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