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Tomark lewis0:0/0.0Date Arrived2019-02-21 03:03:04
SubjNew Z1C Needed
Hello mark,

LL>> I hear little case mark lewis would *love* to fill in for you until a
LL>> new election is called.

ml> you're full of shit and i'll thank you to leave my name out of anything
ml> write...

It was a rumor. Not one I started. So please. Don't blame me.

ml> if i had wanted the Z1C job, i would have tossed my name into the hat...
ml> instead i actively turned down all inquiries about me possibly running...
ml> don't want that position and never have wanted it, period...

Nobody said anything about you being elected. Certainly not me.
However, somebody could have volunteered you for the job ...


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