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SubjOpen Letter to Z1C
Hello Bj”rn,

NA>> I already voiced my support for you being listed, just as I did for Tim
NA>> Richardson and others over the years who had misconceptions that "Fido
NA>> doesn't like them being listed".

BF> Kudos to you for that. As you may know, I've exercised my Swedish globally
BF> right of Freedom of Speech, to give both Lee and Tim the right to post in
BF> almost any echo they like.

So have many other sysops, including many in Zone 1. In fact, I
would say a vast majority. When your board is down for maintenance,
or due to bad weather, or even for no reason at all, I simply log on
to a different board and post away at my pleasure, with no interruption
in service. Sometimes I even post from different boards, including
yours, on the same day.

Many boards in Zone 1 also allow me read/write access to echoes
that not everybody is allowed to read and/or post in. You see,
some sysops truly do believe in freedom of speech. Not a limited
form, but rather an unlimited form.

There are some boards that continue to deny any access to certain
echoes, thus keeping those echoes "secret" for a chosen few. But
the days of "secret" echoes are coming to an end, with more and
more sysops opening access for those echoes to all.

Thanks to those sysops who continue to stand for freedom by
defying the wishes of those who want to control Fidonet by limiting
access to a few. Fidonet is about promoting communication between
individuals and groups, not stifling it.

BF> No matter how hard I tried Tim never made it, but Lee did (as you can

I have not given up on Tim. Nor have I given up on others who might
wish to join Fidonet. I haven't even given up on myself.

BF> Some of the old Z1 cronies still regard Lee as a paria that should never
BF> allowed Fidonet access. Like you, I disagree. Kudos, our new Z1C, I think
BF> we can see a new Fidonet dawning in the near future thanks to you!

When out of arguments, some folks turn to insults. As an example,
look at our fine president. When others win a debating point, he takes
to twitter and calls them names. To date, I have not earned that honor.
But I hope to do so one day. If only I can find a way to grab his
attention ...


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