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SubjRe: Open Letter to Z1C
-=> Bj”rn Felten wrote to Nick Andre <=-

NA> I already voiced my support for you being listed, just as I did for Tim
NA> Richardson and others over the years who had misconceptions that "Fido
NA> doesn't like them being listed".

BF> Kudos to you for that. As you may know, I've exercised my
BF> Swedish globally right of Freedom of Speech, to give both Lee and
BF> Tim the right to post in almost any echo they like.

BF> No matter how hard I tried Tim never made it, but Lee did (as
BF> you can see).

BF> Some of the old Z1 cronies still regard Lee as a paria that
BF> should never be allowed Fidonet access. Like you, I disagree.
BF> Kudos, our new Z1C, I think we can see a new Fidonet dawning in
BF> the near future thanks to you!

Interesting. I don't know the "history of Lee", but after being
around here only a couple of months, it became clear to me that
he's an argumentative whacko who likes to hear himself jabber.

That (the conclusion I reached without prior knowledge of him)
should tell you something.

No wonder you two are best buddies.

... Ignorance can be cured. Stupid is forever.
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