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ToLee Lofaso0:0/0.0Date Arrived2019-02-19 22:21:12
SubjRe: Open Letter to Z1C
On 19 Feb 19 17:39:40, Lee Lofaso said the following to All:

LL> NA> If I'm not doing my job as ZC, I would of been nailed to the cross by
LL> The job duties of the Z1C are clearly defined in P4.
LL> Really not much to do -

An interesting amusing open letter, thanks for the laugh, but I'm
interested and fascinated as to why you continue to not have a node number.

There is no more Janis supposedly preventing you from being listed, and no
"probationary period" you would need to follow. You sure seem to love to post
on Fido a lot, so why not get a listing and be real?

I already voiced my support for you being listed, just as I did for Tim
Richardson and others over the years who had misconceptions that "Fido doesn't
like them being listed".

Think of the fun you could have, stirring up calls for another ZC1 election
and getting access to all the "secret echoes", some of which are so secret,
not even *I* am aware that they exist. At the very least, I hope to
entertain a Policy complaint one day.

What better way to troll yours truly?

FYI I never get "burnt out" from Fido, its always a learning lesson dealing
with professional trolls, nodelist police and others who seem to think I'm a
diety or messiah with magical wizardly powers.


--- Renegade vY2Ka2
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