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SubjNew Z1C Needed
Hello Nick,

LL>> No private elist/echolist has any official status in Fidonet.

LL>> Wouldn't you agree? After all, you are the duly elected Z1C.

NA> If I'm not doing my job as ZC, I would of been nailed to the cross by now.

NA> I agree that I run ZC1 operations on a server system and resources out of
NA> own pocket, crank out nodelists, play Netmail-man to the best of my
NA> and exchange witty banter with friends here and in other Zones.

NA> Let that resonate for a moment please... exchanging mail over a silly
NA> message network that a tiny fraction of tech-people worldwide still use
NA> today, and volunteering to keep it all running.

NA> People trying to take me to task over e-lists, echolists, whatever they
NA> I could care less. Thats time being taken away from shameful
NA> self-gratification.

NA> Nick

Thanks for admitting Zone 1 has no policy in regards to echomail.
Since it is quite obvious that you are burned out from the job,
and no longer have any interest in continuing to do your duties,
you should do the honorable thing and step down. Resign as Z1C
so that somebody else who really wants the gig can step up to
the plate. I hear little case mark lewis would *love* to fill
in for you until a new election is called. So whattaya say?


Laying Pipe Since '88

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