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SubjHow about Canada then?
Hello Bj”rn,

BF> Now that we've established that any mention of USA, that is not in favour
BF> the present POTUS, is proof of US hatred; can we at least move on to a
BF> country just north of said country?

BF> As a Scandinavian citizen I'm really interested in how Canada from it's
BF> severe problems in the 80's and 90's managed to get to where it is today
BF> such a short period of time.

BF> Canada today has a better social welfare system than even Sweden, formerly
BF> one of the best in the world.

BF> It's PM Justin Trudeau is constantly enjoying an approval rate of around
BF> (how about that, Trump?).

BF> So, please, Canadians all around Fidonet, tell us your secret! How could
BF> this happen in just a few decades?

Canadiens, please. Never Canadians. Do not want to insult my
friends in the Frozen Nawth.

Actually, it all happened quite suddenly. The Que‡ecois found out
Justin Trudeau speaks French. And also that he loves French food.
That is what sealed the deal. Just remember not to tell his English
speaking friends.


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