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ToLee Lofaso0:0/0.0Date Arrived2019-02-19 08:34:29
SubjRe: Move discussions to the POLITICS ech
On 19 Feb 19 02:23:20, Lee Lofaso said the following to Nick Andre:

LL> No private elist/echolist has any official status in Fidonet.
LL> Wouldn't you agree? After all, you are the duly elected Z1C.

If I'm not doing my job as ZC, I would of been nailed to the cross by now.

I agree that I run ZC1 operations on a server system and resources out of my
own pocket, crank out nodelists, play Netmail-man to the best of my
ability and exchange witty banter with friends here and in other Zones.

Let that resonate for a moment please... exchanging mail over a silly message
network that a tiny fraction of tech-people worldwide still use today, and
volunteering to keep it all running.

People trying to take me to task over e-lists, echolists, whatever they are, I
could care less. Thats time being taken away from shameful self-gratification.


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