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Hello Nick,

LL>> That is exactly what Bj*rn Felten did after Frank
LL>> Vest handed him the keys to the kingdom for the
LL>> Fidonews echo. He had it elisted, and made no
LL>> changes since, thus had no need to update it.
LL>> So what happened? Some dude named Andrew Leary
LL>> hijacked it and claimed it for himself. With
LL>> the full approval of the NAB.

LL>> Maybe Nick Andre can explain to you the reeasons why.

NA> Eh?? What do I have to do with Echomail?

I have no idea. You tell me.

Here's a hint (from EP1) -


1. BASIC ECHOMAIL POLICY: The basic policy of Echomail is to
promote communication in Echomail Conferences in a lawful,
friendly manner consistent with the general principles of

What are "the general principles of FidoNet"?

We can start with -

No private elist/echolist has any official status in Fidonet.

Wouldn't you agree? After all, you are the duly elected Z1C.


I Take A Sheet In The Pool

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