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SubjThe moderator "job"
Hello Everybody,

-=Dan Clough wrote to Bj”rn Felten=-

LL>>> Job? What job is that?

DC>> The *moderator* job. That wasn't obvious?

BF>> You're out of luck there. In your zone there is no such thing
BF>> as a moderator, and therefore no related job. It's defined in a
BF>> policy document that your zone has not ratified (e.g. Echopol1).

DC>> Irrelevant to whether or not the moderator is doing his job.
DC>> Another weak attempt at diversion/deflection.

Bj”rn Felten supported and substantiated his statement
by citing EP1, a FidoNet policy document that was passed
and ratified by Zone 2. He also claimed that Zone 1 has
never passed and ratified a policy document that does
the same as EP1.

Unless Dan can show evidence that Bj”rn is mistaken, Bj”rn's
statement is very relevant to the discussion.

BF>> Maybe if you lobby your new ZC you eventually can join the
BF>> rest of the Fido world on this matter...

DC>> Whether Z1 defines/agrees with it does not change the fact that
DC>> you, as the moderator, are not doing the job as defined in policy.
DC>> If you were, I wouldn't be seeing the political crap in the echo,
DC>> regardless of what zone I'm in. Right?

Bj”rn Felten claims Z1 does not have such a policy.
It is up to Dan Clough to prove him wrong. If he can.

DC> Answer that simple question, if you don't mind.

Bj”rn answered the question by citing EP1.

DC> For a moment, ignore Z1. Are you doing the job as defined in
DC> policy that Z2,3,4 *DID* ratify?

DC> Again, answer the simple question, please.

Bj”rn answered the question by citing EP1.

DC> If your answer is "no", then you are *NOT* doing your job.

Bj”rn answered the question by citing EP1.

Dan has been unable to show how Bj”rn has fallen short
of what has been stated in EP1. If Dan has a case, it is
up to him to demonstrate by citing evidence. Failure to
support and substantiate that case means he has nothing.
Absolutely nothing. Which means he does not have a case.

But hey. I am not here to argue with anybody.
Nor am I here to take sides.

Here is a conversation I overheard the other day,
between a horse's ass and a little girlie in a restroom stall -

HA>... So as a preconceptual scientist, you reach a conclusion
HA>to a theory *first*, then just ignore all evidence that proves
HA>you're wrong?


HA>So you believe you're always right?

LG>Well, since we don't hear anything to prove us wrong, logic
LG>dictates we must be right!

HA>Yeah... But... Just because you won't listen doesn't mean ...

LG>La-la-la-la-la-la ...

HA>I give up ...

LG>See how easy it is?

[from NON SEQUITOR, by Wiley]

So, which came first - the chicken or the egg?


Erections, That's Our Game

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