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Hello Lee!

18 Feb 19 00:37, you wrote to me:

LL> Hello Ray,

WD>>> There are more important things in life.

WD>>> I just became a grandfather again...

RQ>> I agree! Congratulations. I have three in north-central Arkansas
RQ>> that I have never met. I have, however, seen them on Skype. We
RQ>> plan to change that in June. (Not the number of grandchildren...)

LL> I don't think you will have much control over the number of
LL> grandchildren you might have. Or will have. More likely the
LL> number will continue to grow. And grow. And grow. Until
LL> it is totally out of control and there is nothing you can do
LL> about it so you will not care and just be glad to have them
LL> no matter how many there may be ...

No. I sure have no control over that. Not my business, either. My son is
the only child I have. I heard a rumor that his mother and step-father
have escaped, err, moved from California to Arkansas, too. Once my parents
and my wife's parents have passed on, we likely will escape California, too.

But that is a topic for another echo and is not worthy of Fidonews.


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