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SubjThe moderator "job"

On 2019 Feb 18 21:03:24, you wrote to me:

BF>>> If it's one thing I've learned during my 70 years, it's that age
BF>>> can't always be counted in years. A certain POTUS springs to mind...

ml>> as does a certain FIDONEWS moderator ;)

WD> People who nominate themselves for a certain position (out of fear that
WD> no-one else might be willing),

lovely how you ASSUME to know me and why i do things that i do... fear was not
involved and neither was others' willingness...

WD> self-accept the self-nomination

i'm not the first and won't be the last...

WD> and then most likely will vote for oneself ...

dude, really? you're have future-vision now?

WD> there must be a name for that ...

WD> Desperate ??

in your case, it might fit... not mine, though... i'm not desperate for
anything other than the weather to clear so i can get back to work instead of
starving in the cold wet...


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