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SubjIs the USA violating the
Hello Dan,

BF>>> Keep your paranoia to yourself. As the moderator *I* decide
BF>>> what's allowed here, not you. If you don't like it, vote with
BF>>> your feet.

DC>> Paranoia? Where'd you get that? Nothing "paranoid" about my
DC>> statement/request. That's about all you post here, is negative
DC>> stuff about the US. Can you say "obsession"?

DC>> Yeah, I know you're the moderator. You're not doing your job.

LL>> Job? What job is that?

DC> The *moderator* job. That wasn't obvious?

As defined by?

You see, the editor of the Fidonews is also the official moderator
of this echo. As noted in the Rules for this echo, the moderator's
job is defined by EP1, which the editor/moderator gladly endorses.

LL>> Oh, yeah. He's the editor of the Fidonews.
LL>> You want to give him something to do.
LL>> Best way to do that is contribute an article.
LL>> Or recipe. Or puzzle. Or whatever else
LL>> floats your boat.

DC> Distraction attempt noted.

What distraction? Have I not clearly answered your inquiry?

DC> I'm not talking about him being the editor of Fidonews. I'm talking about
DC> him NOT DOING the job of moderator.

If the editor wishes to hire someone else to serve as moderator
of this echo he is free to do so. But until then, the editor is
it, and nobody else.

The editor/moderator is doing the job of moderator, as defined
by EP1. He has even noted this in the Rules for this echo.

LL>> As per this echo, the participants make it what it is.
LL>> Not really up to the moderator to decide what anybody should,
LL>> or should not, post. After all, the participants themselves
LL>> are responsible for their own actions. Whatever that might
LL>> be.

DC> It is *EXACTLY* up to the moderator to decide what is posted, or
DC> to be more clear, to inform others when they post off-topic and/or
DC> unacceptable things. What other *POSSIBLE* definition of a
DC> Fidonet moderator could there be?

I do not believe you fully understand basic echomail policy,
much less the job of a moderator. It is all explained quite
clearly in EP1, which the editor/moderator fully endorses.

DC> Instead of attempting to distract/divert, why not address the
DC> actual problem?

What is the problem?

DC> In case you still don't understand the problem, it is that this echo is
DC> of garbage posts that don't belong here and have *NOTHING* to do with
DC> FidoNews.

How might that be a problem? Not that it is a problem.

You see, the job of a moderator is to help facilitate discussion.
Not hinder it. If participants want to talk about the man in
the moon, or how to row a boat to Mars, so be it. Whether it has
anything at all to do with FidoNews is irrelevant. A moderator
has to give the participants what they want. Even if you don't
like it.

DC> The fact that the "moderator" is one of the worst offenders of the rules
DC> makes it something which is probably not fixable.

Banning participants is a recipe for disaster. Is that what you want?
Certainly not me. And not any editor/moderator worth his salt.


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